October 19, 2022

Boom Lifts vs. Atrium Lifts: Which One Should You Choose?

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Find out how to choose the right Aerial Lifts for your upcoming projects!

Construction lifts, which include Boom Lifts and Atrium Lifts, are typically lifting devices with an aerial platform supported by an extension. They are incredibly useful for building sites. These tools have outstanding maneuverability, which they can use to move construction supplies throughout the project or elevate employees and assist them in reaching difficult-to-reach places to complete the project perfectly.


You can utilize aerial lifts, commonly referred to as aerial work platforms, to perform work at heights above the ground. They are more mobile and flexible than scaffolding but more stable and accommodating than a ladder. One or more workers can carry their tools and supplies while using an aerial lift to complete a task from the safety of the raised platform. With so many options available, you must be able to choose the perfect aerial lift for your task or project. In this article, you can read more about the key differences between Boom and Atrium lifts and recommendations on choosing the best one for you.
Knowing the distinctions between two different sorts of machinery can have an impact on how the task is performed when you are trying to pick which types of equipment to employ on a new assignment. For instance, there are differences between Boom lifts and Atrium lifts depending on the job’s requirements. Although the Atrium lift rentals can be used for various applications, construction businesses typically deploy Boom lifts.

Boom Lifts vs. Atrium Lifts

Atrium lifts are a need if you want flexibility and a long reach at work. Nevertheless, it’s important to select the best candidate for the job. Both Boom lifts and Atrium lifts have their advantages and purposes. 

Giving your staff the proper equipment for the job can increase productivity, simplify procedures, and increase workplace safety. Which Boom lift or Atrium lift is suitable for your team depends on the purposes and requirements of your project. It is important to consider the terrain, the height of the needed platform size, the required task, and other environmental aspects when deciding between an Atrium lift and a Boom lift.

See below for details on how these two lifts differ from one another. If you have this background knowledge, you may utilize it to inform your decisions and give your operators a safer, more effective environment.

What is a Boom Lift?

The foundation of a Boom lift is a platform or bucket with a long arm attached to a grounded base. A Boom lift is a specific aerial lift used to hoist personnel on farms, building sites, utility lines, and other locations. It consists of a grounded, mobile base, a platform, or a bucket connected to a hydraulic arm. Boom lifts can be used by lift operators to increase their horizontal or vertical reach or to work at an angle in challenging environments. With hydraulic lift mechanisms, Boom lifts are ideal for highrise construction, bridge work, and other operations that call for maximum reach since they can reach higher and farther than different lift types

Boom lifts come in two wide varieties: Telescopic Boom lifts and Articulating Boom lifts. While Articulating Boom lifts feature bending arms, Telescopic Boom lifts have straight arms. Telescopic Boom lifts offer larger weight restrictions; however, Articulating Boom lifts can revolve, making it easier to maneuver the bucket around obstructions.

Boom lifts are capable of handling the majority of aerial lift applications. By giving the boom the ability to move vertically and horizontally from the bottom, it is frequently possible to do a single task without ever lowering the boom or shifting the base. A straight telescopic boom lift is your best option when typical scaffolding is insufficient to reach a high, problematic site. When inadequate scaffolding is in outdoor spaces, Telescopic and Articulating Boom lifts operate pretty effectively. However, the latter is preferred when operating in constrained areas or around obstacles because it allows greater flexibility.

What are the Benefits of a Boom Lifts?

This adaptable aerial lift, which comes in various models and is appropriate for residential and commercial use, is very reliable and convenient. Additionally, the equipment is economical. Here are some benefits to consider when intending to employ Boom lift rentals, in addition to the site inspection and risk assessment of the task at hand. 

Several advantages are associated with Boom lifts. Take into account the following characteristics :

  • Platform
    Regarding height platforms, most Boom lifts offer a wide range of alternatives. Many shapes, heights, and models are available when choosing the precise Boom lift you want and require for your upcoming project. You can select the Boom lift suitable for your project from the range of possibilities offered. Because there are so many options, you can choose a platform size that accommodates the number of people you need. This is especially helpful for larger operations that require multiple people on the machine. This also implies that experienced Boom lift operators might be on hand to direct you through the process.
  • Cost
    Boom lifts are frequently used because they drastically save time and, to some extent, financial expenses. Purchasing equipment can be costly, especially if you won’t be using it frequently. Owning equipment like a Boom lift can quickly add cost because it needs regular maintenance and servicing. In contrast, renting Boom lifts frees you from the obligation of owning the machinery, freeing you from ongoing maintenance and potential repairs.
  • Maneuverability
    The most apparent advantage of Boom lifts is their ability to access challenging regions safely. Boom lifts have a variety of heights and platform sizes, giving you the ideal height to complete your job. Boom lifts are the equipment you can utilize most safely and efficiently if you are unfamiliar with them. Developing a good working relationship with a company that rents out such equipment is a fantastic method to guarantee that your employees are expertly trained and knowledgeable in aerial platform machinery.
  • Height
    Your team can benefit from the fact that certain Boom lifts have a 130-foot capacity when working at vast heights. Boom lifts can bring pickers, packers, and construction workers to heights they otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach, so carrying personnel is crucial when using them. Boom lifts provide for the elevation of personnel and equipment to the required heights in factories and warehouses, allowing for the completion of maintenance tasks and activities at heights.

What is an Atrium Lift?

Industrial lifts, such as Atrium lifts, are the perfect work platforms for operating at great heights. Atrium lifts give workers a raised working surface for a variety of purposes. These are primarily employed in construction projects, roof painting, sprinkler systems, lighting projects and tree pruning.

Atrium lifts are especially well-suited to situations with little space at high heights. In comparison to other lifts, Atrium lifts may access higher overhead regions. Atrium lifts are suitable for indoor projects or when access to limited locations is necessary due to their modest size. Their diminutive stature makes it easier to fit through narrow openings and enables personnel to work in high, challenging-to-access areas.

The Atrium lift or Spider lift base is often designed to stabilize the lift with extended legs. You can use these Atrium/Spider lifts for indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally, they are incredibly stable and safe due to their small size and base construction. Atrium lifts are preferred over traditional scaffolding by businesses and contractors because of their relatively safe and innovative technology. The Atrium lifts can access levels and ceilings that were previously inaccessible and have a greater height capability. 

What are the Benefits of an Atrium Lift?

Atrium lifts are small enough to go through regular doorways and are lightweight. Atrium lifts are gentle on carpets and grass. They can easily be transported by a tractor or tilt-back truck because of their weight and height. Atrium lifts are made in a way that makes transportation simple. Their foundation is made to adapt to different surfaces. Most Atrium elevators use an articulated knuckle boom of the Z or S type. 

The use of an Atrium lift has certain notable benefits :

  • Platform
    One of the numerous advantages of the Atrium lift is the size of its platform. Using the lift simultaneously won’t jeopardize anyone’s safety if everyone stays inside the permitted weight range. Atrium lifts’ platforms are typically three feet wide and 20 feet long. Comparatively speaking, Atrium lifts are lighter than more robust aerial lifts. The lift has a horizontal reach of up to 40 feet and a vertical reach of between 50 and 70 feet. Atrium lifts come in electric, gas, and diesel varieties.
  • Cost
    When renting an Atrium lift from a trustworthy rental service provider, you frequently have access to more recent versions with higher-end amenities. Atrium lifts are an excellent choice for contractors on a restricted budget because they are less expensive than Boom lifts. By renting an Atrium lift, you may finish your job without committing to long-term expenses like storage and transportation. In particular, if you merely need the equipment for a short time, it’s less expensive to rent than buy.
  • Maneuverability
    The compact size and ability to maneuver the lift in any position possible within a safe environment will make the Atrium Lift a better choice for any indoor/outdoor high access project. It’s adjustable rubber tracks help it maneuver easily in any terrain, and the outrigger/boom capabilities help the lift tackle any hard to reach point with precision and speed.
  • Height
    Most projects call for a platform height of 60 feet and a horizontal spread of 30 feet. If your requirements are particularly extreme, you can rent anything from a 95′ man lift rental to Atrium lifts to 138 feet working height. If renting an Atrium lift to transfer products or items, ensure the lift can handle the maximum basket load of your materials.

The Limitations: Boom Lift vs. Atrium Lift

Boom Lift

  • Smaller Platform Size: Boom lift platforms are smaller than Atrium lift platforms. They typically have fewer materials and can accommodate one worker at a time.
  • Increased Cost: Articulating Boom lifts cost more than other aerial lift alternatives because of the hydraulic arm. Boom lifts could be more expensive to buy or hire, necessitating a larger budget for your project.
  • Maneuverability: Boom lifts have a limited range of motion because they can only go up and down, not side to side. A different lift can be a better option if there are airborne hazards at your project site.

Atrium Lift

  • Height: The reach of these lifts is much less than that of Boom lifts. The staff can only lift objects up to 50 feet in the air.
  • Maneuverability: Even though most Atrium Lifts have little to no limitations when it comes to mobility, because of it’s adjustable rubber tracks and hybrid capabilities, you may still consider verifying terrain and access entryways to indoor/outdoor spaces before choosing which atrium lift to rent. In addition to checking if a stairway will limit the access point for the lift, or if other factors are present to limit the position of the legs/outriggers. The solution to these limitations would be to build ramps and remove anything that may be in the way of the outriggers before starting the project.

Which One Should You Choose? Contact Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals!

Atrium lifts and Boom lifts both have advantages and disadvantages. Each can be employed in different circumstances depending on the details of their skills. When deciding which lift to rent, bear the following in mind:

  • The total cost of the project
  • The mandatory movement of your workers
  • The topography of your work site
  • The total number of present employees

A Telescopic or Articulating Atrium lift would benefit your job location for greater elevation applications. In other words, an Articulating Atrium lift will also determine whether your employees need additional movement to accomplish their tasks. Additionally, because of the huge platform of an Atrium lift, you will need to rent one if your project calls for the simultaneous lifting of numerous personnel. These lifts are perfect for projects requiring many tools because of the huge platform. Atrium lifts are best for siding installation, cleaning, and maintenance, where employees must travel up and down.

Still confused? Don’t fret! Our experts can help you feel confident in your decision at every rental or purchasing stage. Contact us Today!

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Renting an aerial lift is the most practical and economical choice for one-time use. Investing in a new or used aerial lift can save money in the long term for construction workers who will need access to one regularly. The cost of repairs and upkeep is a significant drawback to buying a lift instead of leasing one. When you rent, the rental business will cover those expenses.
It’s crucial to find a reputable local dealer that can assist you in choosing the ideal model when you need to hire safe and dependable aerial lift equipment. The knowledge of the equipment rental specialists at Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals is the best source of advice when renting an aerial lift.

Aerial lifts for construction are essential, and choosing the right one may make any job easier. Construction companies can compare different lift types by renting from a third party before choosing the best one. Our Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals crew is here to assist you whether you want to rent or buy an aerial lift but want to be sure you are making the right choice.

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