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The Galleria Boom Lift Rental Near Me

Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals is proud to be your first choice for The Galleria boom lift rental near me. We have been making lift rentals for companies across the Greater Houston area easier since 2019. Before getting into the lift rental business, we, ourselves, rented out aerial lifts. As a result, we have a unique insight into the frustrations that come with renting one of these machines.

When we founded Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals, we did so in the hopes of removing those challenges. When you rent with us, you’ll never have to deal with prolonged and stressful rental processes. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about being given defective equipment. Far too often was this a concern for us, and we strive to ensure it never happens to anyone again.

That is why we thoroughly inspect and test our lifts prior to renting our lifts and once they are returned to us. In doing so, we, and our clients, can be confident that we’re providing a high-quality, reliable lift every time. Another issue we had was the ever-growing prices of lift rentals.

As a small business owner, you may not have the funds to rent out incredibly expensive equipment. However, we believe that everyone should have access to the tools they need. That is why we proudly offer flexible pricing options with our lift rentals. So, no matter your budget, you can rely on Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals to provide you with Houston’s best The Galleria boom lift rental near me.

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The Galleria boom lift rental near me

Our atrium lifts are perfect for various projects from light installation to commercial painting.

The Galleria Boom Lift Rental Near Me

Boom lifts, also referred to as atrium lifts, spider lifts, or atrium boom lifts, are just one of the lifts we have on offer. We also provide our clients with scissor lifts. If you’re new to lift rentals, then all these terms can quickly become overwhelming. Additionally, you may be finding it difficult to distinguish which rental model is right for your project. If that is the case, don’t worry; our team is here to help.

When you work with Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals, we ensure you receive the precise lift you need. We do this by taking the time to get to know our clients and the project they’re looking to tackle. From there, we can help you decide which of our lifts will best benefit you and your project.

Renting a boom lift in The Galleria area isn’t always easy. However, our team is here to make it so. We carry a range of lifts with varying heights. So, no matter what height you need to reach, know that we’ve got the lift you’ve been looking for.

Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals may not have been around for as long as other boom lift rental companies. However, with the decade of experience we have using these machines, you can be confident that our team will offer nothing short of quality service.

Since opening, we have worked with a range of companies across the Greater Houston area. Not only that, but we have helped them save time and money on every project. If you’ve been looking for the most efficient lift rental company around, look no further than Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals.

The Galleria boom lift rental near me

Choose us the next time you require The Galleria boom lift rental near me.

Atrium Boom Lifts

Atrium lifts are the most commonly sought-after lift types. This is because they prove invaluable for a range of projects and tasks. These lifts can be utilized indoors and outdoors for your convenience.

The atrium lifts we provide to our clients possess various different heights. Our shortest reaching atrium lift ranges from 30-40 feet.

In fact, all of our atrium lifts come with a 10-feet span. So, if you need to reach an awkward height, such as 57 feet, you can rest easy knowing that our lifts will take you there. Our tallest atrium lift can take you to a height of 85 feet. So, regardless of the height you need to reach, you can rely on Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals.

As previously mentioned, our atrium lifts are suitable for both interior and exterior conditions. If you have an indoor project, you may be worried about the length of these machines. However, the arm on the atrium lifts is extendable. As a result, these machines can become incredibly compact for storage and moving.

Moreover, it means you can easily take these lifts through narrow doorways and hallways. Not only does the arm extend upwards to take you to various heights, but it also extends outwards too. With that in mind, if there is a hard-to-reach area that you can’t quite get to, our atrium lifts will take you there with ease.

The Galleria boom lift rental near me

Call our team and find the right aerial lift for your project.

Brands & Models

If you’ve used an atrium boom lift before, there may be a specific model or brand you’re familiar with and want to use again. If so, speak with our team today and ask about the options we carry. We proudly offer various popular brands of lifts, including skyjacks, reach masters, and JLGs.

If you have previously used a brand that we don’t carry, don’t worry; our team will be sure to offer you a similar model. Perhaps you’re not familiar with any brands of atrium lifts. If that is the case, you’ve probably never used a lift before in your work. If so, you shouldn’t let the unknown deter you from taking advantage of these reliable and time-efficient machines.

When you work with Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals, we’ll offer you the option of hiring a certified lift operator for the duration of your rental. This means they will be with you throughout the entirety of your project to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

What’s more, we aim to cater to as many people as possible and aim to make your project a breeze. That is why we offer flexible rental periods. No matter if you need an aerial lift for a day, a week, or a month, know that we’ve got you covered.

The next time you need The Galleria boom lift rental near me, choose Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals; call today.

The Galleria Fun Facts:

  • There is a 64-foot tall fountain, known as ‘The Waterwall.’
  • The Galleria Mall is the largest in Texas.
  • The Galleria area holds thousands of restaurants that offer various cuisines from around the world.
  • To learn more about The Galleria, visit here.

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