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The Galleria Articulating Boom

Get The Galleria articulating boom for your next project at Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals. Right now, you are putting together all the things that you need for your project. There are so many different details that need to be set before the project actually starts. And one of those details happens to be the equipment required to complete the project.

Now, if your project has some height, then you’re probably thinking about getting a piece of equipment to accommodate that. The bests piece of equipment to accommodate for height is an aerial lift. And you don’t have to look anymore for a company that rents them because we do.

We have made it our job to provide you with the aerial lift that you need to complete your project. And you don’t have to worry about the cost to rent because our rentals are affordable. We understand that projects are days long, and you might need your rental for that long. So, we make sure to keep our costs in a great range.

Trust Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals to be your boom lift rental company, and know that you will not be disappointed. Call us to reserve the boom lift that you need today.

The Galleria articulating boom

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Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals: The Galleria articulating boom

We are a company that has only been in the industry for a couple of years, but we are more than familiar with aerial lifts and all they require. Believe it or not, we used to be on the other side of the industry. This means we used to be the ones renting boom lifts for our own project.

The thing is we wouldn’t have the bests experiences in terms of customer service and in terms of rental with other companies. For example, we might call a company they won’t pick, and so we leave a message. But after that, we would never get a callback. Or we would rent a lift, and by the time we wanted to start using it, it would not be working properly.

Now you can imagine how frustrating this because time and time again. So, we decided to start Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals. Being able not only they provide the high quality lift you need, but great customer service is part of our joy.

Every aspect of your rental matters, including the parts where you call and complete your reservation. So, we are promising to pick up the call or call back. And we promise to be as respectful as possible. And lastly, we promise to give you a properly functioning lift because we know that your project timeline is important.

Types of Boom Lifts

When it comes to the kind of lifts that we have, there are various types to choose from. And let us tell you the best way to decide which is best for your project. There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind.

First, think about your project and what you need the boom lift for. Then think of the site and how high you need the lift to reach. These are the major parts that you need to consider when choosing the lift that you need. When you have the answers to these, you can then you can compare them to the benefits that each lift provides.

Now with boom lifts, they all mainly do the same thing. The main difference between the lifts is the height, and this is what you’ll make your decision based on. Other than that, they can do whatever you need them to do, in addition, to adding value to your site.

Telescopic Boom Lift and Articulating Boom Lift Rentals

The Galleria articulating boom

The Galleria articulating boom reaches up to 85ft.

There are telescopic boom lifts articulating boom lifts, Genie boom lifts, and electric boom lifts. As we said before, they all essentially do the same things.

Some of their benefits include being compact and easy to move. This is a very important aspect of any site because you might not just need this lift in one spot. In addition to that, note that it can move on very rough terrains. So, it doesn’t matter what your site looks like; it can maneuver on there.

Also, note that they are compact, Which means that they can fit most standard doorways. The Galleria articulating boom lift heights are 30-40ft, 50-60ft, 70-80ft, and 85ft. So, choose the one best for your project today.

Other Aerial Lift Rentals

In addition to our boom lift rentals, we also have scissor lifts available. This kind of aerial lift has its own benefits and can be very valuable to your project. This lift moves in an up and down motion, just like a pair of scissors, hence the name. With that being said, this means the lift is best used for vertical reaches only.

But the benefit of the scissor lift is the work platform. This platform is very spacious, and this might be something that you need. You can fit more than one person or use the space to bring up any materials.  They are strong and sturdy and can hold a decent amount of weight. The heights available for this lift include 19ft, 26ft, and 32ft.

If this is another kind of aerial lift you think you may need on your site, then give us a call. And you can call to request a quote for this lift or The Galleria articulating boom lift.

The Galleria articulating boom

Now, we know that something that most clients are looking for is a company that will transport the lift. You might have been searching around and found the lift you wanted, but they can’t bring git to you. Well, this is not the case with Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals.

The Galleria articulating boom

Call us to have your articulating boom lift delivered to you.

Part of our service is transporting The Galleria articulating boom lift to you. We also understand that your head office might be in the Galleria, but your site isn’t. This is perfectly fine because we deliver lifts to cities all across Texas. Our service area starts in the greater Houston area and goes as far as San Antonio. So keep this in mind as you’re making your decision.

When you’re ready to reserve The Galleria articulating boom lift, give Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals a call.

Facts about The Galleria 

  • The Galleria area is located in the heart of Houston.
  • Visit The Galleria Mall for a full day of shopping.
  • Visitors and residents like to visit this area.

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