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The Galleria Articulating Boom Lift Rental

When you need help with a tall project, look for The Galleria Articulating Boom Lift Rental. Xpress Aerial Lifts can give you the right equipment to complete your project and save you time and money. Maybe you have already run into trouble reaching some high areas on your project, and you are unsure what you can do.

Our company was built to help people get the service they need to finish a job safely and in a timely manner. So if you don’t know how to reach those places that a ladder won’t go, look for The Galleria Articulating Boom Lift Rental company. We can help.

The Galleria Articulating Boom Lift Rental

Let you The Galleria Articulating Boom Lift Rental company help you with your next project.

The Galleria Articulating Boom Lift Rental

Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals are one of the fastest-growing companies in the Houston area. We provide elevated work platforms that allow you to get to difficult places that your ladder won’t get to.

Our lift equipment can get through tight spaces and are great for indoor or outdoor projects. We even have some that are great for rough terrain areas, such as construction job sites.

We get customers doing all kinds of projects such as window washing, painting, roofing, and construction. Commercial projects typically have a tight time schedule.

It can be frustrating when you can’t get to certain areas, and you don’t have the proper equipment to help you. Owning such equipment may be completely out of your budget, especially if it is not something you don’t use a lot.

Our rental company caters to those who need our aerial lifts on such occasions. So if you need special lift equipment but don’t know where or how to get one, come check out Xpress Aerial Rentals. We can help you get the exact piece of equipment that will make your job that much easier.


Before we got into the rental business, we used to rent aerial equipment ourselves. We remember running into a lot of problems. We dealt with companies that wouldn’t provide adequate customer service.

Many times the equipment we rented didn’t work properly or died while trying to use it. We had a hard time getting a customer representative, and the whole process was just a pain.

We decided that we wanted to be the company that we were searching for. When you rent from us, we make it easy. You will always get a person on the phone.

They are knowledgeable in the type of equipment you will need. So, if you have never rented aerial equipment before, don’t panic. We can help you find what you are looking for through a series of questions.

We will also make sure that all of our equipment is tested and serviced before you deliver it to you. If something ever happens, we will always have backup equipment for you ready to be used. Our renting dates are flexible.

So it doesn’t matter how long you need to rent our equipment. It could be a day, or it could be a month-long. We can rent you what you need at an affordable rate. If you have never used aerial lifts before, or are not confident in operating them, don’t worry.

We can help with that too. All of our operators are trained and certified in all of our equipment. They can either be your designated operator, or they can train you and your crew to make sure you feel safe and confident using our equipment. They will also help you load and unload the equipment.

The Galleria Articulating Boom Lift Rental

Scissor lifts are a great alternative to ladders.

Types of Lifts

When you need an aerial lift, you can trust Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals. We help you get the correct equipment for the job. Sometimes it can be complicated knowing precisely what you may need.

We have different equipment that serves different purposes. Here is something to help you get started. When you need a lift, it is helpful to know how tall your project is.

We have some lifts that only go up to nineteen feet and some that go as tall as eighty-five feet. Tha it’s quite a difference. Knowing how high you need to go is probably one of the most important pieces of information we will need.

The next question you will need to know is where you are working. Are you working indoor or outdoor? While we do have equipment that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor, not all serve the purpose you may need.

What kind of terrain will you be working on? Are you working on flat and even surfaces, or is the terrain rocky and uneven? We have specific equipment that is meant for rocky surfaces, so you stay stable and safe.

These are just some of the questions you may want to think about when deciding what kind of equipment.

Atrium/ Spider Lfits

Our spider and atrium lifts are great for many different kinds of projects. They are our most requested pieces of equipment. Spider lifts are great for both indoor and outdoor projects because they can fit through small spaces, and their spider legs help stabilize the uneven ground.

They are available in several different heights, starting at thirty feet. We even have one that goes all the way up to eighty-five feet. We even have compact atrium lifts that can squeeze through a thirty-two-inch wide door.

So if you need to change the lighting in a church with a tall ceiling, this lift will be perfect for the job.

Scissor Lifts

Our scissor lifts are great for flat surfaces. They can come in a few different heights: nineteen feet, twenty-six feet, and thirty-two feet. These scissor lifts are great alternatives for tall ladders.

Unlike a ladder, you don’t have to climb up and down constantly to move it a few inches. Our scissor lifts will decrease the risk of falling and injuring yourself. Another disadvantage to using ladders is you typically want to use at least one hand, if not both, to climb.

Therefore you are not able to bring extra tools you may need to complete a task. Our scissor lifts are also capable of bringing an additional person if your job requires two people. A ladder will typically allow for one person before becoming too unsafe.

When you need to get up to high places that are difficult to reach, give Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals a call. We can help with your tall project whenever you need us. The Galleria Articulating Boom Lift Rental company is here to help you.

The Galleria Articulating Boom Lift Rental

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