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Scissor lifts prove an invaluable resource for many industries. From construction jobs to landscaping projects, workers need to reach challenging heights every day. However, that doesn’t mean they have access to the sort of equipment that will let them carry out their job easily and efficiently.

That is why Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals is proud to offer its services. We have an array of scissor lifts available for rent. We proudly offer our lifts to companies across the Greater Houston area and surrounding cities such as Sugar Land and Cypress.

Scissor lifts are one of the most convenient tools for helping you reach challenging heights. They don’t require any sort of construction like scaffolding, and they don’t have serious safety concerns like ladders. With that in mind, if you have a project that requires you to get to a hard-to-reach place, call our team and see about renting one of our scissor lifts.

Our scissor lifts are not only more convenient than other elevated platforms, but they will save you time and money too. Moreover, our lifts come in a range of heights to help you tackle any project. Whether you need to reach 19 feet in the air or 32 feet, our scissor lifts will get you there with ease.

What is a Scissor Lift?

A scissor lift is a machine designed to help you reach challenging vertical heights. They can handle people as well as equipment and tools making them an incredibly convenient option for a range of industries. Scissor lifts allow the operator to complete their project with ease and offer a safer alternative to other elevated platforms.

What’s more, these machines are incredibly heavy. With that in mind, you can trust they are stable enough to hold a serious amount of weight, making them incredibly sturdy. If you’re looking to complete your project with safety and efficiency in mind, call Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals today.

Why Rent a Scissor Lift?

Although these machines can reach great heights, the machine itself is compact. As a result, it is able to fit through narrow doors and hallways, making it the perfect option for both indoor and outdoor projects.

If you’re undertaking a project that requires more platform space and lift capacity, you can’t go wrong with a scissor lift. There are many brands of these lifts and several of them offer a platform extension for additional space and outreach. If this is something that could benefit you and your project, contact our team, and learn about our available lifts.

If you’re working on uneven terrain, an outdoor construction site for example, you’ll need a bit more power behind your equipment to travel across the work site. A scissor lift can do this. These machines have been specially designed to handle all sorts of terrain.

Scissor lifts can also cater to a range of other special worksite conditions. If you’d like to learn whether a scissor lift is right for your project, contact Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals today. Our team will happily help you determine the right lift to get your project done quickly and easily.


Finding the Right Scissor Lift

Before choosing a rental lift, you must first ensure it’s the right machine for your project. Depending on the height you’re looking to reach and the space you’re working with, will depend upon which lift is right for you. Here at Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals, we understand that no two projects are the same. That is why we’re proud to offer a selection of lifts to our customers.

We have an array of height-adjustable lifts ranging from 19 feet to 26 to 32. With that in mind, they are the perfect choice for a variety of projects. Whether you’re carrying out a job at a convention center, a shopping mall, or a stadium, our lifts can help make the job a little bit easier.

Not only do we offer a range of lifts, but we also offer flexible rental periods. We understand that some projects take longer than others and we never want you to feel rushed. We want you to take your time and get the job done right. That is why, whether you need a scissor lift for a day or a month, Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals has got you covered.

We strive to help as many people as possible. That is why we cater to small businesses, large businesses, and even contractors. No matter what job you’re looking to achieve, know that we’re here to provide the tools to get it done quickly and easily.

If you’re looking for the most reliable and affordable scissor lifts in the Greater Houston area, look no further than ours. We want to cater to everyone’s budget. That is why we proudly offer the most competitive prices for lift rentals. If you’re looking to rent a scissor lift in Houston, Katy, or Sugar Land, contact Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals.

Trust Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals

Safety is one of our top concerns here at Xpress. That is why, when you rent one of our scissor lifts, an experienced operator will accompany you to your job site and assist with operating the lift for the designated time you need it. You won’t find a more dedicated lift rental service in the Houston area. Additionally, you won’t find better rates on scissor lifts with any other company.

Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals is here to help you complete your project with ease. If you’re ready to rent a scissor lift, contact our team. You won’t find a bigger selection of scissor lifts for better prices.

If you’ve previously used a scissor lift for a project and are looking to rent the same one, give us a call today. We carry a range of brands and can confidently offer you the precise lift to get the job done. There are several trusted brands of lifts we rent to our customers. To find the right lift for your project, speak with our team today.


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