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Houston TX Knuckle Boom Lift

If your job involves high places, you probably need a Houston TX Knuckle Boom Lift. Our aerial work platforms are great for many different job sites. Many of our aerial lifts can reach tall heights and fit through tight spaces.  We started this company back in 2019.

We started it because we got tired of subpar customer service from other rental companies. We wanted to create a company that had the sort of service we wanted. So, after dealing with poor rental companies for about fifteen years, we created Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals. We want to bring you the best and most convenient rental company we possibly can.

Houston TX Knuckle Boom Lift

If you need Houston TX Knuckle Boom Lift, call Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals today!

Houston TX Knuckle Boom Lift

When you search for Houston TX Knuckle Boom Lift, not only will you find Xpress Aerial Lifts, but you will find a company that has you and your business in mind. We know that your time equals money. When you call Xpress Aerial Lifts, we will make the rental process easy.

We understand that not everyone has experience in using any articulating boom lifts or cherry pickers. So when you call to rent from us, you will always get professional on the phone.

We can help you figure out the type of equipment you need and which platform height will work best for your job. With our aerial lifts, you will have incredible platform capacity. Unlike a ladder, some of our equipment will be suitable for more than one person.

So if your job requires two people, you have that ability. If you need to bring extra tools or materials with you, our lifts are great for when you need both your hands to carry and transport things.

Renting from Xpress doesn’t just mean you get to use our equipment. When you rent from us, you get quality service like no other rental company. Along with figuring out what you will need, we can promise that you will always get safe working equipment.

All of our equipment gets tested and charged before we deliver it to you. If anything does go wrong, we will always have backup equipment for you to use. Our certified operators can stay with you and be your designated operator, or we can have them train you for a couple of hours.

They will stay and make sure you feel safe enough to operate our equipment. Our operators will also help load and unload the equipment.

Houston TX Knuckle Boom Lift

Our scissor lifts are great for jobs that are indoor.

Types of Aerial Equipment

The equipment we have offers unique purposes. It all just depends on what kind of job you are doing. To get an idea of what you might need, it is good to know what these lifts can do for you.

To get the proper equipment, it is important to know how tall your project is. Each lift can go at varying heights. Some lifts only go up to nineteen feet, while our largest lift goes all the way up to eight-five feet high.

A lot of our lifts can be used both indoor and outdoor. However, not all our lifts are great for uneven terrain. Some of our lifts are better used in areas such as construction sites.

Others a better equipped for flat, even surfaces such as industrial shops or flat asphalt. Whatever you need, it is important to have a good idea of the terrain you will be working on and how high you need to go.

Atrium and Spider Lifts

These unique spider lifts are fantastic pieces of equipment. We have lifts that range all the way from thirty feet to eighty-five feet. When you need a lift that can maneuver easily around obstacles, this is a perfect option for you.

It is important to know how tall your project is. Our atrium lifts come in ten-foot increments. Therefore we want to make sure we give you the proper one.

These spider lifts are great for uneven surfaces. If you are at a construction site that uneven ground, this will give you the safe stability you need and still reach incredible heights to complete just about any job.

They aren’t just great for outdoor jobs, though. The lifts can be used indoors as well. If you are at a convention center or in a church with tall ceilings, these are great to use.

These spider lifts can squeeze through a door that is thirty-two inches wide and scrunch down to fit through space that is eighty inches tall. These lifts are easy to maneuver and highly versatile.

Scissor Lifts

If you need something that is relatively high, but you don’t need extreme mobility, you might want to check out our scissor lifts. These scissor lifts are ideal for indoor jobs and outdoor jobs on even surfaces. These come in three different height variations: nineteen feet, twenty-six feet, and thirty-two feet.

Our scissor lifts are heavy and sturdy. These are great to have another person with you. You can also use this to bring extra tools and lightweight material you may need to complete a job. Maybe you are cleaning windows in a small venue, or you are trying to fix an air conditioning vent in a machine shop.

Scissor lifts are a great alternative to using a tall ladder. It is also safer for you than using ladders. Ladders are really only meant for one person, and you typically want to use both hands to climb. Ladders can also be unstable and not very sturdy.

Every time you want to move just a few inches, you have to climb down that rickety ladder, move a few inches and climb back up again. This can raise the risk of falling and losing time and money. Just out all of that with one of our scissor lifts. These can reach great heights, but they are also narrow.

This means you can fit through narrow doorways or hallways. It is also easy to move from one end of the space to another without having to dismount the equipment.

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Give us a call, and we can help you with your next job or project that involves tall heights. Don’t waste time messing with ladders or other unconventional methods. Complete your project safely and quickly with Xpress Aerial Rentals when you are looking for Houston TX Knuckle Boom Lift.

Houston TX Knuckle Boom Lift

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Fun Houston Facts

  • Has over 10,000 places to eat.
  • Has an underground tunnel system full of shops and restaurants.
  • Home to the largest medical center in the world.

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