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Houston TX Atrium Lift JLG

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What Is A Houston TX Atrium Lift JLG?

Among the many aerial lifts, like telescopic boom lifts or articulating boom lifts, are atrium lifts. Atrium lifts, or compact crawlers, are a type of compact lift. You’ll find that Atrium lifts, in particular, can reach higher overhead areas than most other lifts.

Houston TX Atrium Lift JLG

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They can also reach areas with limited or narrow access. This type of aerial lift is a common alternative to scaffolding. They’re a lot faster and easier to set up, so they make an excellent choice for contractors and companies.

Lightweight and compact with non-marking tracks allow their operators to through tight places around the job site. Practical both in and outdoors, they fit through standard doorways and climb slopes with ease.

Some atrium lift models also have dual power. With those models, you can use gas, diesel, or electricity to operate them. The electric engine doesn’t produce emissions and is ideal for working indoors. 

Moreover, their weight and size, transporting them is easy with a trailer or tilt-back truck. Most atrium lifts have fork pockets and lift hooks. These features make it easy to load and unload them onto a trailer or truck.

Atrium lifts are ideal for construction sites, outdoor building maintenance, sports arenas, malls, airports, and a variety of other locations. These lifts are ideal anywhere where grass and trees make it difficult to reach target spots.

What Work Would Require Atrium Lifts?

Perhaps there is a tight spot in a gymnasium that requires a lift to be used. Maybe it’s a spot too tight for most other aerial lifts to reach. Your solution? An atrium lift! Or, maybe all you need is a scaffold to stand on to begin your work, but setting up one would actually take longer than the project itself. Your solution? An atrium lift!

Atrium lifts are ideal for hard-to-reach indoor and outdoor spots that require the operator to bring tools and materials to the workspace. Still, they’re even a great substitute for scaffolding, easy to set up and start working.

Some locations where atrium lifts are viable can include atriums, gymnasiums, arenas, auditoriums, airports, schools, universities, and city, state, federal, and military facilities where most lifts are too large or bulky. The versatility and mobility of these lifts make them ideal for window washers, painters, maintenance professionals, electricians, tree trimmers, and many others.

Houston TX Atrium Lift JLG Models

JLG aerial lift models focus on three areas: productivity, safety, and technology. They offer innovative features designed to allow professionals to work safer and more productively. Their atrium lift models working heights range from 50 ft. to 106 ft. Their horizontal reach varies from 21 ft. 7 in. to 54 ft.

All of their atrium lift models have a 500-lb. unrestricted platform capacity. They may include an articulating jib for greater reach, a rotating platform, and a zero-turn radius with counter-rotation. They have a great selection to easily fit any needs you have within a limited working space.

Atrium Lift Features

Houston TX Atrium Lift JLG

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Now, you may ask, “what do you mean by this lift can fit through and in tight spots?” Most atrium lift models can fit through a single standard doorway. Some of the larger ones will fit through a standard double door and offer outriggers that can be placed to fit in a narrow position and be adjusted individually. Therefore, the outriggers are a crucial feature on the larger atrium lifts to get to the places you want them to go.

What if you need the crawler to traverse some inclines both indoors and outdoors? No problem. Atrium lifts have tracked wheel carriages that allow for them to climb slopes easily. Not to mention these lifts have non-marking tracks, which prevent them from ruining any indoor or outdoor flooring.

Atrium Lift JLG Model Features

Some of the available Houston TX atrium lift JLG models feature dual power. With these, you can use gas, diesel, or an electric engine to operate them. The electric engine uses a lithium-ion battery, which releases no emissions, allowing for clean and quiet performance. All models also offer a fully synthetic biodegradable hydraulic fluid, making it an even more environmentally friendly choice for the workplace. 

Still, Atrium lifts are relatively intuitive to control. You can operate either with ground controls or from the platform itself. Moreover, with the handheld unit with a wire, operators can handle it even while walking alongside the machine to make it through narrow spaces.

However, even if it seems simple, as with most equipment, please remember to take the compliance training necessary to operate the lifts before doing so. Moreover, the training will include the regulations, safety hazards, proper operations, proper use of safety harnesses, and other necessary knowledge to operate any of these atrium lifts fully.

Are you worried that although these lifts sound great for the job you need them for, you can’t bring them to the appropriate location? Worry not; the atrium lifts’ lightweight frames make them easy to transport on a trailer or a tilt-back truck. Also, more accessible transport, some have fork pockets and lift hooks for loading and unloading. Not to mention, a forklift or crane can lift all atrium lift JLG models.

Is It A Great Fit?

Houston TX Atrium Lift JLG

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Each of the features included with atrium lifts makes it an ideal choice for work in narrow or hard-to-reach locations both in and outdoors. Still, from their lightweight frame and narrow chassis to their tracked wheels and non-marking tracks, they’re great for squeezing through indoor and tight outdoor areas. They’re a clean and quiet choice to reduce emissions in the job area with environmentally friendly options.

Thus, they’re easy to operate with some training and versatile regardless of what you’re trying to do. Not to mention, atrium lifts are also easy to transport and get them to be where you need them to be.

Atrium lifts are an intelligent choice if you’re cleaning windows of a multi-story building, doing maintenance on high overhead ceilings, maintaining building exteriors or interiors, fixing roofs, or several other projects. Are you looking for a lift rental company that has atrium lifts? Therefore, ask for your  Houston TX atrium lift JLG options at Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals.

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