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Houston Tx Articulating Boom Lift Rental

Find out how we can help you get the right Houston Tx articulating boom lift rental for your large-scale project. Stop by Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals located in Houston, Tx.

Lift Rentals in Houston

Houston tx articulating boom lift rental

Get your Houston Tx articulating boom lift rental with Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals!

Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals has over ten years of experience. We have a trusted reputation and loyal customers in the greater Houston area plus cities all over Texas. We pride ourselves in having competitive prices, high regard for safety, and good quality aerial lifts.

In addition, we keep all our equipment maintained and serviced so that it meets the highest of safety standards. At Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals, we offer two types of aerial lifts to meet your project needs. We carry atrium lifts, scissor lifts, and boom lifts.

An articulating boom lift is very flexible and able to fit through small areas. Therefore, articulating boom lifts are best suited for projects that involve fitting into small spaces or other hard-to-reach places.

Rent a Boom Lift

Why should you rent a boom lift at all? Wouldn’t it be more cost-efficient to use a ladder or other type of scaffolding?

So, possibly at the very onset, you would pay less for a ladder or other non-mechanical work equipment. However, what you save temporarily in money will inevitably pay in time spent working, injury, or other potential damages or hazards. The reality is, ladders and scaffolding isn’t a good option for large projects that require you to be up extremely high.

One of the most significant benefits of getting a Houston Tx articulating boom lift rental is the amount of time it saves you. With easier navigation and completing tasks more efficiently, you can usually complete your work in nearly half the time.

Also, it isn’t simply time you are saving by getting a Houston Tx articulating boom lift rental. You are potentially saving yourself from serious injury or worse.

Our equipment is maintained regularly. We make sure that all our machines are in prime working condition. Therefore, our aerial lifts are in their best possible condition each time you rent one.

Your safety is our number one priority and concern. Therefore, we ensure that whoever is operating your rental will be a licensed and certified, experienced professional. You are not required to have a license to rent from us. This is because we include the services of an experienced and certified machine operator with every one of our rentals.

All of our operators have the expertise, knowledge, and experience in operating aerial lift equipment. The certified operator will work with you for the entirety and duration of the time you are renting.

Rough terrain

Atrium lifts are a type of articulated boom lift. An atrium lift uses tracks that look like ones you would see on a military vehicle. These tracks allow the atrium lift to navigate over rugged grounds or rough terrain.

For example, you might find rough terrain on a construction site simply due to excavating dirt and other things or materials on-site. Construction sites often have hilly groundwork and many slopes. An atrium lift’s wheels allow it to go up slopes as well as over rough terrain.

Houston tx articulating boom lift rental

Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals LLC also offers scissor lifts.

Work platforms

A boom lift reaches heights that a scissor lift can’t. Both are elevated work platforms and can reach high heights. However, a boom lift has a greater vertical reach and is more equipped to drive around narrow areas and small spaces.

Speaking of scissor lifts, Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals also offers scissor lift rentals.

A scissor lift is essentially like scaffolding. However, it is built to be much sturdier. A scissor lift has a platform that is wide enough for several people to stand. It is a relatively large working platform that can be moved from one work area to another.

For projects involving small doorways or tight nooks and crannies throughout a building, we suggest getting a Houston Tx articulating boom lift rental. With its flexibility and the boom lift’s ability to reach far and wide, it is possibly a jack of all trades.

Lift heights

An articulating boom lift is excellent for getting up tall spaces. Maybe your project involves reaching the top of a high ceiling. Or you need to work on the roof of a tall structure. A Houston Tx articulating boom lift rental could give you the vertical elevation that you need.

Boom lifts were once known as ‘cherry pickers’ because cherry-picking for commercial distribution was very difficult to do on foot. Boom lifts made a cherry picker’s job much easier, safer, faster, and efficient.

When you get a Houston Tx articulating boom lift rental you will get the height you need for your specific project. We rent out atrium lifts that go vertically from 30’ feet all the way up to 85’ feet for your tallest projects.

Wide range

Our atrium lifts also extend horizontally. Atrium lifts have a good amount of horizontal outreach to reach the smallest of spaces in a high elevation spot.

Not only that, an atrium lift or articulating boom lift has a bucket at the very top that can rotate 36o degrees. In having the ability to turn around completely, you will have the aerial view of your workspace that you need.

Houston Tx Articulating Boom Lift Rental with Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals

Houston tx articulating boom lift rental

The best lift rental service in Houston, Tx.

Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals is a fast-growing company. We have a solid customer service and safety track record because we consider the well-being of our renters before anything else.

If you need an articulating boom lift rental for your next big project, you ought to check out Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals. We offer competitive rates and the highest safety standards. We are located in Houston, Tx, and have branched out to cities close by and all throughout Texas.

Call or request more info

For high-quality equipment like an atrium lift, boom lift, or scissor lift rental give us a call at 281-755-6688. These are sure to cut your work time in half while keeping you safe. Be sure to ask about our Houston Tx articulating boom lift rental pricing and other various options for your project needs!

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