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Freeport Tx Towable Boom Lift Rental

If you live in Freeport and are looking for a reputable Freeport Tx towable boom lift rental service, go to Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals. We offer several types of aerial lift rentals to meet your project needs. Our prices are competitive, and our safety track record is outstanding. We have been in the business of renting aerial lifts for over ten years and have plenty of hands-on experience.

When you want the best Freeport Tx towable boom lift rental service in the town, you go to Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals. The big state of Texas is continually expanding, and we are trying to keep up.

As a result, our aerial lift rental business has been quickly expanding. We serve many cities all across Texas, and now we are happy to be serving the town of Freeport.

Aerial Lift Rentals

Construction work is not easy. It can often wear on you physically. Luckily, our Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals team takes pride in creating an efficient and safe working environment for construction workers.

A high-quality Freeport Tx towable boom lift rental is the type of equipment that is needed on worksites. And we provide a variety of aerial lifts, as well as boom lifts to choose from.

Articulating boom lift rental

An articulating boom lift is a particularly helpful aerial lift recognizable by its distinct shape and mobility. The articulating boom lift has joints that allow the lift to bend and move around objects. This compact boom lift is so adaptable that it can even fit through a standard single or double doorway.

Xpress Aerial lift Rentals carries two different boom lifts ranging in height from 50 ft to 60 ft. The basket atop the boom lift is steady and strong. Often called a “Cherry Picker” many years ago. The articulating boom lift has a good reputation and is a popular choice for many workers.

Scissor lift rentals

Freeport Tx boom lift rental

Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals in Freeport, Tx.

The scissor lift rentals at Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals allow for 19 ft to 32 ft elevation. A scissor lift is a perfect aerial lift choice if you have a medium project such as an apartment complex renovation.

Unlike the articulating boom lift and the telescopic boom lift, a scissor lift does not give you any horizontal movement. However, what it does give you is a sturdy working platform. And that allows you and several other workers to stand atop it without a problem.

There are many benefits to renting an aerial lift. Rather than going to the store and purchasing a construction ladder or independent scaffold. It might not seem obvious at first, though. After all, some construction ladders can reach up to 21 ft. And some ladder extensions can get you up to 60 ft.

However, it would be safer to use an aerial lift work platform. This prevents any injuries, like falling from the ladder in the long run.

Telescopic boom lift rental

A telescopic boom lift is similar to a Freeport Tx towable boom lift rental. Except, however, you will not get the same wide range of motion. A telescopic boom lift does not have “knuckles” or joints that allow it to maneuver around objects or people. A telescopic boom lift does give you a good amount of reach vertically as well as horizontal outreach.

However, if you want a truly versatile machine, get an articulating boom lift or a Freeport Tx towable boom lift rental instead.

Saving Time and Money

In the long run, opting to pass on heavier machinery can cost you time and safety. Most serious injuries on a ladder happen at ten feet high or less. It is reasonable to conclude then; a taller ladder could have very bad consequences. So why take a risk to your safety at all?

Think about all the time that it takes to set up an independent scaffold, for instance. Also, you have to be very careful about setting it up correctly. If you fail to set up an independent scaffold properly, then the consequences could potentially be fatal and, at the very least, dire.

You may have done everything to set up a scaffold correctly. But if the independent scaffold is not sturdy enough, then the outlook may not be in anyone’s favor. A solid working platform is most efficient when it can hold several workers plus any of their supplies. Our scissor lift, for instance, is an example of a very sturdy platform that you can count on. When used properly, you have a very safe alternative to traditional scaffolding.

Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals takes care of timely safety checks and repairs to all aerial lifts. Every aerial working platform that you rent from us will have the proper maintenance and standards in place.

Also, every aerial lift rental that you use from our company will include a certified, professional and experienced lift machine operator. The machine operator will be at your side for the entire time you rent the lift, ready to help.

Freeport Tx Towable Boom Lift Rental

Freeport tx boom lift rental

The best lift rental service in Houston, Tx.

Many aerial lift rental companies will have high rental costs making renting an aerial lift machine complicated and essentially costly. However, Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals believes that you should be able to rent an aerial lift without sacrificing your hard-earned money or your safety.

Many years ago, our company decided that the aerial lift rental industry needed a change. We witnessed many issues over the from trying to rent from other aerial lift businesses. So, we decided we wanted to change the aerial lift rental experience by making it more accessible. We promised to be the change as we saw fit.

We pride ourselves on putting our customers first and not taking any shortcuts. Call or request a quote today at 281-755-6688 for Freeport Tx towable boom lift rental today!

A few Freeport, Tx fun facts

  • Freeport has a variety of offshore fishing opportunities to experience.
  • Camping on the beach is a recreational activity the entire family can enjoy in this beachside city.
  • You can visit the Freeport Marina for sailing.

Call today to reserve one of our reliable and flexible aerial lifts for your next project!