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Freeport Tx Articulating Boom Lift Rental

If you’re an operator for a commercial construction company in Freeport, TX, chances are you’re searching for a Freeport TX articulating boom lift rental. Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals is here to deliver! Our Houston-based company delivers boom lift rentals to cities across Texas, including Freeport.

Being in need of equipment for any kind of project can put you under a little bit of pressure. This is because you know that you have a deadline and need the equipment as soon as possible. Thankfully, we have the aerial lift that you need when you need it.

There are various lifts available to complement various types of commercial projects. For example, some of our customers have included churches, convention centers, apartment complexes, window washers, plus many more.

Find out if a Freeport Tx articulating boom lift is the right equipment for your project.

Houston TX 45 articulating boom lift

Freeport TX articulating boom lift rental is the best way to complete your project.

Types of Boom Lift Equipment Rental

Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals can provide you with high-quality machinery to fit your work’s purpose. We offer various kinds of aerial lifts. And if you’re not sure which would be best for your project, we can help you figure that out. 

Let’s take a look at the different options you have. Then think about your project and what you need the equipment for.

Freeport TX articulating boom lift rental

An articulating boom lift is one of the most versatile and recognizable booms out there. An articulating boom lift equips you with a high vertical reach as well as horizontal reach. As a result, it can help you get to difficult-to-reach areas of most commercial projects.

An articulating boom lift has the flexibility of arms that have joints or sections. Its flexible joints and bendable arms keep the machine steady as it goes over rough and rugged terrain. 

Another kind of lift is a telescopic boom lift. This is a little different from an articulating boom lift due to the extension of its arms. The telescopic boom lift has arms that reach out. However, unlike the articulating boom, the components do not have joints and therefore do not bend.

But both boom lifts can go over rough terrain while carrying other materials. This is why it is a very commonly used aerial lift.

A scissor lift uses compressed air or hydraulics to lift the platform vertically. While the scissor lift can extend to great vertical heights, it does not have the advantage of horizontal reach. A scissor lift is considered a scaffold lift. 

Freeport Tx Articulating Boom Lift Rental

Freeport Tx Articulating Boom Lift Rental.

We are your Boom Lift Rental Pros

You might be thinking about the other options you have that an articulating boom lift. For example, you may be thinking about a ladder or scaffolding. The truth is that it isn’t easy to rely solely on ladders and scaffolding, especially if this is for a large-scale project. 

So, let us tell you that a boom lift rental is your best option. This is because there are many advantages to these lifts.

Construction sites, like other commercial project sites, are not a stranger to rough terrain. They move very easily on this kind of ground, making it easy for you to move around. In this case, a Freeport Tx articulating boom lift rental will come in handy.

An articulating boom lift or a telescopic boom lift is the perfect solution. 

Boom Lift height

Lift height can vary between individual machinery. At Xpress Aerial Lift, we have boom lifts that reach various heights. This way, you can choose the height that you need for your specific project.  

Our lifts reach a maximum working height of about 85′ feet with a maximum platform height of about 79’feet. The horizontal reach that our lift extends goes to about 47′ feet.

Comparing rates

You may be thinking about the rate you’ll pay for our Freeport Tx articulating boom lift rental? Let us tell you that you won’t find a better deal than at Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals. One of the things we pride ourselves in is our costs. Therefore, we price our lift rentals so that they are affordable to you.

Before we started Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals, we had our personal experiences with other rental lift companies. And the majority of the time, the rates that we would get would be expensive and different all around. So, when we started our company, we knew that affordability was something that we wanted to focus on.

We made a promise that when we began our lift rental business, we would make our customers our top priority. As a result, the customers who rent from Xpress Aerial Lifts can feel confident. And they know that that they can get the most affordable lift rentals. 

Freeport Tx Articulating Boom Lift Rental

Freeport tx articulating boom lift rental

Save time and money. Call us today!

Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals has satisfied customers all over Texas, and our business is quickly growing. That’s why we proudly offer lift rentals to the people of Freeport. So, know that we’re here to help you get your commercial projects going as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our equipment is top-of-the-line, our prices are affordable, and we have a safety priority. So don’t mess around when you are on a time constraint already.

Our rental process is very simple, and we’ll let you know how to complete this.

First, start by deciding which kind of lift is best for your project. Remember that if you need assistance making this decision, we can help you as well. Then you’ll call us and tell us what you need when you need it, where you need and how long you need it. It’s just that simple.

Our various types of aerial lifts can help you get the job done much more efficiently. And you should also know that all of our rentals are ready to go with a certified and experienced machine operator. Our professional operator will be there on-site with you for up to two hours.

Request a quote from Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals

We are Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals. If you are in the Freeport area and need to rent a compact boom lift or even a scissor lift, please call us. And get more information about our rentals or request a quote. We’ll discuss our Freeport Tx articulating boom lift rental options and deliver your lift to your door!

A few fun facts about Freeport, Tx:

  • Freeport was founded in 1912 as an American and European city.
  • Visit the Freeport history museum to see artifacts from the time Freeport was a part of Spanish Texas rule.
  • Freeport has three miles of natural beach.

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