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Freeport TX Articulating Boom Lift Rental Near Me

Have you been continuously searching for a Freeport TX articulating boom lift rental near me but couldn’t find one? Well, you can end your search here. Our company, Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals, has exactly what you need.

We have been up and running for well over a decade and will continue providing assistance for your project needs. We have helped countless organizations over the years and our clients keep coming back. The reason for this is because we offer the best and most affordable boom lifts that you could find.

We don’t have your everyday standard boom lifts at Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals. We have multi-purpose, compact, and convenient boom lifts that will get the job done efficiently. You don’t have to decide which boom lift is more suitable for your commercial project. We have it all combined in one.

Want to learn more about our lifts? Well, continue reading on. We will even show you why other rental companies don’t compare with our unique certifications.

Freeport TX Articulating Boom Lift Rental Near Me

The best way to get an aerial lift is with  Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals.

Freeport TX Articulating Boom Lift Rental Near Me

Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals LLC is a woman-owned business. We are certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and the Statewide Historically Underutilized Business Program. Our team members have worked hard to bring this company to this level.

Our hard work and diligence ensure that you will be saving time and money with our assistance. We pride ourselves on the efficiency that our equipment provides. For years, we have provided the best service possible for our clients. We are the answer to your search for a Freeport TX articulating boom lift rental near me.

Initially, we were on the other side of the company, a family-owned painting company. While on a job, we found it difficult to reach the ceiling. There was just no way to get up there. And time is money, so as time flew by we were losing out on making more.

We eventually realized we could use an aerial lift, to elevate us higher and finish the job. But another problem came up. The rental costs were just too high and the distance from our project site was substantial.

This is how our company was created. There had to be others going through a similar problem. So, we created a way for businesses and schools to rent an affordable aerial lift. And we took it a step further by providing the best aerial lifts money can rent.

Aerial Lifts

Now, if you are new to all of this you may be wondering, “what is an aerial lift?” Well, we are glad you thought this. But an aerial lift can be a lot of things, let’s show you.

You can choose from the many aerial lifts out there. There are different types of scissor lift rentals, like slab, rough-terrain, and single-man scissors lifts. There are different types of telehandlers, like telescopic and rotating telehandlers. And lastly, the most common type of aerial lift, boom lifts which have articulating and telescopic boom lifts.

Each of these aerial lifts is unique in its own right. A scissor lift can vertically move workers where they need to work. A telehandler lifts, moves, and places objects however the operator wants. And the boom lift lifts people and objects into the air.

All of these allow you to work in elevated areas, such as roofs, windows, and more. But they all have different ways of going about it. You just have to decide.

For example, the articulating and telescopic boom lift rentals. One can help you reach places straight upwards, but it lacks maneuverability. The other has multiple joints that provide maneuverability, but you can’t reach vertically.

So, which is better? Well, you don’t have to decide with our help. Our atrium lift can help you accomplish both.

Freeport TX Articulating Boom Lift Rental Near Me

Compact, lightweight, and affordable aerial lifts are sure to meet your Freeport TX articulating boom lift rental near me needs.

Atrium Lifts

With the Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals atrium lifts, you will have no worries. They are easily operated, even a novice can use them. They can also extend up 85 feet into the air. We have many different atrium lifts, this includes 30 ft/40 ft, 50 ft/60 ft, 70 ft/80 ft, and 85ft.

This gives the operator more maneuverability for their project. The basket even has a 360 rotation. This lift can also work in practically any rough terrain you can think of.

It is also quite durable. So, it can withstand extreme cold and hot weather. The tracks of the atrium lift allow you to ride on mud and sand. It can even work indoors and on delicate flooring.

The atrium lift is compact and lightweight, so traveling indoors will be done in a breeze. Your typical aerial lifts can weigh anywhere from 30,000 to 90,000 pounds. But our lift only weighs 7,599 pounds. And the 6ft 6in height makes it capable of going anywhere.

The atrium lift comes with the standard engine and motor. But the Honda gasoline engine and the 110V drive motor isn’t the only option you have. You can choose to use the Hatz diesel engine and a lithium battery.

Freeport TX Articulating Boom Lift Rental Near Me

Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals will help you save time and money with ease. Call today!

Contact Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals Today

Call or request a quote today. We will give you the best assistance for your commercial project. You no longer have to deal with those bulky one-purpose aerial lifts.

We have the best aerial lift rental just for you. Our high-quality lifts are just waiting to be used. Our specially trained team is ready to assist you on your job.

We will provide you with a certified operator to ensure your safety. They will be on-site as long as the time permits. So, you will be in safe hands.

Our team has worked with countless companies and schools. This includes The University of Houston, Texas A&M University, Hilton Hotels, Super 8, and many more. Call us today and end the search for a Freeport TX Articulating Boom Lift Rental Near Me.

Freeport, TX, Fun Facts:

  • Founded in 1912.
  • Industrial site for many companies.
  • Ranks 32nd amongst the nation’s ports.
  • For more info on Freeport, Texas, visit here.

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