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Downtown Houston TX Lift Spider

If you are looking for a Downtown Houston TX lift spider rental company, then Xpress Lift Rentals is the rental company for you. We are the fastest-growing aerial lift rental company in the Houston, Texas, area. Our job is to help you do your job safer and more efficiently.

We are cost-effective, with state-of-the-art aerial lift equipment. No other aerial lift equipment company has better service for a better price. Some of our clients have been Super 8 Motel, The University of Texas at Austin, Hilton, and more!

We can help all kinds of workers complete jobs that involve difficult places to reach. We can help painters, construction workers, window washers, and so much more. Call Xpress Lift Rentals when you need a Downtown Houston TX lift spider rental company.

Downtown Houston TX lift spider

Downtown Houston TX lift spider rentals are closer than you think!

Downtown Houston TX Lift Spider

Before we were an aerial lift company, we used to rent equipment. Many times we were faced with bad customer service. Our equipment was delivered late at times.

When it was delivered, it would often be damaged or not work at all. On top of all of them, the prices were just too high. Therefore, we decided to create our own company. In 2019, we created Xpress Lift Rentals.

We created a company that we never had. Our customer service is always at our best. We can help you rent the right equipment for the right job. If you do not have experience in using rental equipment, no need to worry.

We can help train you for up to two hours, or we can be your designated operator for the time you need it. We are trained professionals that will be able to help you get exactly what you need. There will always be someone there to answer the phone and guide you through getting the right equipment.

All our equipment will be tested and charged before they are delivered to you. We won’t just drop the keys off to you and then leave. We will help you unload and move your piece of equipment.

If there ever is a problem, we have mechanics on-site to help fix anything you need. We will also have equipment ready to be used as a backup if the worst should happen. Plus, if you call us, we can give you a free quote.

Downtown Houston TX lift spider

Our spider lifts are great for working around tree limbs and power lines.

Types of Lifts

We offer different lifts for different types of jobs. While many of our lifts are versatile, some are better for certain jobs than others. We have lifts that can give you 360-degree mobility.

Others are great for moving around warehouses and industrial shops. Our lifts can ensure the safety of your workers. In fact, our lifts can be safe than a regular ladder or scaffold. Our lifts are convenient, so they help you save time and money.

Many of our lifts can retract so that they may fit in small spaces. We have helped people in many industries such as convention centers, churches, shipping malls, window cleaning companies, roofing companies, and many other industries.

Atrium/Spider Lifts

If you need to reach extreme heights, our atrium lifts are perfect for you. We often refer to these lift as spider lift because of their unique design. These lifts have spider-like legs which are made to give you stability on uneven surfaces.

Our spider lifts can retract to fit through a thirty-two-inch wide by eighty-inch tall space. Other larger models can fit through a space that is forty inches wide and eighty inches tall. Our atrium lift comes with drive tracks, outriggers, and a job.

All of these measures all for great mobility. Therefore if you have a job that involves tight spaces, working around tree limbs, or powerlines, this can help make your job so much easier and safer. This particular lift can help you move around obstacles was easier than a scaffold.

Plus, unlike a scaffold, you can move it when you are ready to move to another location. We have atrium lifts that can reach as low as thirty feet or as high as eighty-five feet. Check out the lifts we offer.

Scissor Lifts

If you work in a warehouse or an industrial shop, you could benefit from using one of our scissor lifts. Our scissor lifts can help you move from one side of the work floor to the other. They are great for replacing old tall ladders.

Ladders have their uses, but after a certain height, they just become dangerous and increase your risk of falling. Our scissor lifts have a decent workspace that grants you the ability to move around while you are working. You do not have to dismount the equipment to move from one point to another.

Plus, you have your hands free. Therefore you can carry extra equipment and materials as you need them. You can save time and money by using our spider lifts. Having to climb up and down a ladder just to move it a few inches is time-consuming.

It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal; however, as a business owners, we understand that time is money. Check out our scissor lifts!

Downtown Houston TX Lift Spider

We have excellent equipment to help you complete almost any job indoors or outdoors.

Call Us Today

When you call us to rent our equipment, we can offer you a free quote. That way, you know exactly what you are getting and for how much. Because safety is our number one priority, we will supply you with an operator every time you rent from us.

We believe that only people with experience should be operating this kind of machinery. As we have mentioned before, we can train your crew, or we can be your designated operator. We can help you complete a project or job help you save time and money.

You won’t find another rental company that can offer you the service the way we can. So give Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals a call when you need a Downtown Houston TX lift spider rental company.

Fun Facts for Houston TX

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  • Houston earned the nickname “Space City”

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