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Downtown Houston Telescopic Lift

If you are looking for Downtown Houston Telescopic Lift Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals can help. Our aerial work platforms can help you get to places high up off the ground safely. When you are at a job site and you have a project that a ladder just won’t do, give us a call. Our scissor lifts and atrium lifts will help you finish your project on time.

Ladders and be dangerous at times. They are not always the most stable, and they are not the most practical above a certain height. We have atrium lifts that can reach up to eighty-five feet. So when you need help getting to high places, give Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals.

Downtown Houston Telescopic Lift

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Downtown Houston Telescopic Lift

At Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals, we know what it means to serve our customers. We have had to deal with other rental companies that don’t deliver the service that people need.

Many times we have experienced bad equipment upon delivery and overall bad customer service overall. We wanted to give companies the customer service we wanted to see. That is why we started our own company.

When you call your local Downtown Houston Telescopic Lift company, you will be answered by one of us, personally. We will help you choose the right equipment for your project, and we will offer one of our trained and certified operators to help you and your crew.

Plus, we always have backups because we know things can happen unexpectedly if there is a malfunction with any of our equipment. We want to make the experience with us as simple as possible. So we want you to know there are a few things you can always count on us when you rent from us.

First, all of our equipment will be tested and ready to go upon arrival. We won’t ever just toss the keys to you and say, “good luck.” One of our certified operators will be there on-site to help. They can either train you and your crew on how to use our equipment, or they can be there to be the designated operator.

Lastly, if you ever have any questions or need help with anything, you can always call us. You will have our operator’s personal number, so you can always get a hold of a professional when you need them.

Type of Lifts

A huge benefit to our lifts is how high they can go. These lifts can get you up to a height in a safe manner. The mobility you have with this equipment makes moving around easy and saves you time.

We have lifts that can go as high as 85 feet. That is an incredible height! Also, some of our lifts can be used both inside and outside. So if you have a window washing company and need to get up high, our aerial lifts are perfect for the job.

Atrium/Spider Lifts

These spider lifts are a great piece of equipment to have for many different jobs. These are ideal for both indoor and outdoor jobs.  We have several different lifts that can reach different heights.

We have some that reach from can go as low as thirty feet, and we have one that can reach as high as eighty-five feet tall. Our spider lifts can help you stay stable and reach those high places if you are on uneven terrain.

These spider lifts can also be used indoors as well. If you are in a building with high ceilings, such as a church, or convention center, you can use these to reach. The great thing about the spider lifts is they can retract and become very compact.

That way, they can squeeze through small doorways. Our Atrium lifts can fit through a doorway that is thirty-two inches wide by eighty inches tall. Most larger models will only fit through a doorway that is at least forty inches wide.

These atrium lifts have features such as drive tracks, outriggers, and a jib. The jib can give you effortless mobility and allow you to move around obstacles such as powerlines. You can move up, down, or side to side with ease. If your job requires this kind of mobility and you are in need of high up places to reach, we really recommend this type of lift for you.

Downtown Houston Telescopic Lift

Our scissor lifts come in three different height ranges.: 19 ft, 26 ft, and 32 ft.

Scissor Lifts

Our scissor lifts are perfect for indoor jobs. They are the kind of lifts that you can use when you still need to get into higher places and are easy to move when you need to.

Ladders can be useful but not always the most ideal or safest option. If you need to bring some tools along with you, our scissor lifts allow you to carry a few extra things to help you complete a task.

These lifts are extremely heavy, thus, making them very durable. They are able to hold an incredible amount of weight. So you know you are on a sturdy and safe piece of equipment.

Ladders are typically only for one person at a time. So if you are doing a two-person job, ladders are not the most convenient. You also have to keep climbing off the ladder every time you need to move it over just a few inches. With a scissor lift, you can have another person with you, and you don’t have to climb off of it just to move it.

Because our scissor lifts are meant for indoor jobs, they can squeeze through relatively narrow doors ways. These lifts are perfects for places such as industrial shops.

Downtown Houston Telescopic Lift

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When you need to reach high places, and a ladder just isn’t cutting it, give Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals a call. We can help you complete your project in a timely manner and help save you money. We provide the best customer service, and we will always be there when you need us.

So don’t wait! Let us help you. Our professional operators will be there and stay with you until you feel safe, or they can be your on-site to operate for you.

Whatever you need, you won’t have to go without a safe alternative way to reach those high places. Call Xpress Aerial Lifts when you need a Downtown Houston Telescopic Lift.

Fun Facts for Houston, TX

  • Over 400 events occur every year
  • One of the busiest ports in the nation
  • has the largest medical center in the world

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