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Downtown Houston Knuckle Boom Lift

Are you searching for a Downtown Houston Knuckle Boom Lift? Check out Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals. We are one of the fastest-growing rental companies for aerial lifts.

Do you need to reach high above places? Are they difficult to get to? Our articulating lifts are great for those tight spaces and high places.

Downtown Houston Knuckle Boom Lift

Whether your job is indoor or outdoor call your local Downtown Houston Knuckle Boom Lift rental company.

Downtown Houston Knuckle Boom Lift

A ladder is not always the most ideal or even safest option when you need something to reach someplace high. Owning your own piece of equipment, such as a cherry picker, is expensive and not always a practical purchase.

Sometimes you only need it every once in a while. It wouldn’t be wise to buy something like a telescopic boom lift outright unless you were going to make money with it every day, or maybe you don’t have the money right now.

We have been aerial lifts from other companies for about fifteen years. We dealt with all kinds of problems with bad equipment and lack of customer service. So we decided to create our own rental company in 2019.

We want to make it possible for companies big and small to rent aerial lift equipment easily. Our job is to make your assignment easier and safer. We want to give you the equipment necessary for jobs such as window cleaning, installing light fixtures, or construction projects.

Why Choose Us

When you call Xpress Lift Rentals, we make the process simple from beginning to end. There will always be a professional answering the phone. If you need help figuring out what kind of equipment you need, we can help you.

From there, we will have someone deliver the piece of equipment to you, and they can help you unload it. If you are not comfortable operating our equipment, we can be your designated operator. You may also be trained by one of our certified operators for an hour or two until you feel confident operating it on your own.

We will always be easy to get ahold of. If you ever have a problem operating your equipment, our operator will call you their personal number. We can guarantee that our equipment will be tested and charged before we deliver it to you. IF there is a problem with equipment failure, we will have a backup ready for you.

We understand that your time and money are important. We strive to make it easy for you and many other companies to complete a project in a timely manner. Whatever your job site entails, give us a call when you need a lift.

Downtown Houston Knuckle Boom Lift

Our scissor lifts are perfect for working indoors.

Choosing a Lift

When you call us to rent equipment, we understand not everyone has experience with this type of equipment. As we mentioned, we can always help you decide what kind of lift is best for you.

However, here are some helpful tips on deciding what might be the best equipment for you. It is important to know how high you need to go. Some things to think about are the kind of terrain you will be working on.

Is it uneven, or will you be working on relatively flat surfaces? Do you need to work inside or outside? These are some questions you will need to answer so that we can help you find the right aerial work platform.

Some of our lifts have a more extensive work platform capacity. If your job requires two people, our lifts will be able to accommodate the space. Some electric articulating booms need an outlet to work.

Our aerial lifts do not need to be plugged in. They are either electric or run on fuel. Therefore you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet or bringing a generator.

Atrium/Spider Lifts

If you need a lift that has maximum mobility, you should consider one of our spider lifts. These lifts can move up, down, or side to side. They are great if you have to avoid obstacles such as powerlines.

Our tallest lift can stretch all the way to eighty-five feet. They are well-constructed pieces of equipment. They are great if you are working on uneven surfaces, So if you need to reach high places at a constructing site, this is a perfect model for you.

If you are outside of the Houston area and you need a reliable company to rent atrium lift equipment from, we got you covered. We will be happy to deliver our atrium lift to places such as Dallas, San Antonio, Galveston, and so many other places.

Our Atrium lifts can reach extreme heights, but they can also fit through small spaces. If you are working indoors, our atrium lifts can retract and fit through a thirty-two-inch wide door with a height to fit through an eighty-inch tall space.

Our Atrium lifts consist of a drive track, outriggers, and a jib. These parts make it easy to maneuver in and around the space you are working in. Thus making your job move along that much faster, saving you time and money.

Scissor Lifts

Suppose you are working indoors or on even ground. You may benefit from a simple scissor lift. These scissor lifts are easy to move in and out of small spaces.

There are narrow in width but and reach heights of nineteen feet, twenty-six feet, and thirty-two feet. Many of our scissor lifts can help you take care of jobs quickly and safely.

Ladders typically require you to climb up and down to move a few inches. This increases the risk of falling and takes too much time. Our scissor lifts can cut your time down when you need to make small movement adjustments. They are also suitable if you need to take another person or bring extra tools or material.

These scissor lifts are heavy and durable. So you can travel around your space quickly and safely. This gives you more time to complete your project without the hassle that a ladder can bring.

Call Us

Give us a call now, and we can help you pick the right equipment for you. Stop wasting time with other methods and wrong customers service. When you need a reliable Downtown Houston Knuckle Boom Lift rental company, think of Xpress Aerial Lift Rentals.

Downtown Houston Knuckle Boom Lift

Give us a call, and we can give you a free quote.

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