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Cypress TX Aerial Lift Rental

Do you live in the Cypress, Texas area and need a Cypress TX Aerial Lift Rental? Xpress Lift Rentals is the company for you. We can offer you the best equipment rental that will help you save time and money.

You may request a quote when you speak to customer service. They can help you get the equipment rental you need. We may be based in the Houston area, but we can still give you the lift rental in Cypress, TX, you need.

We offer scissor lift rentals and spider lifts that are great for rough terrain. Because we have had to rent equipment in the past, we know what it takes to be rental pros in this kind of business. We have the best service and equipment around. So give us a call when you need a Cypress TX Aerial Lift Rental.

Cypress TX Aerial Lift Rental

Cypress TX Aerial Lift Rental can offer you fast and simple solutions for difficult places to reach.

Cypress TX Aerial Lift Rental

For fifteen years, we were on the other side of aerial lift rentals. We spent many hours dealing with companies that could not deliver what they promised. Our time and money were often wasted when companies delivered bad and broken equipment. Sometimes the deliveries would be late.

This would cost us time and money because we couldn’t proceed with a job that needed this equipment rental. Plus, the cost was just too high for the service we were getting. We decided it wasn’t worth the hassle.

As a result, we decided to create our own aerial equipment company. We decided that we were going to be the company that we needed so badly. Because of that, we ended up being one of the fasted growing aerial lift companies around.

When you call us, we can guarantee you the great service you deserve. When you call us, there will be someone there to speak to about rentals. Our customer service has knowledge and experience in aerial equipment, so they will be able to help you find the right equipment for the job you need. All equipment is tested and charged before delivery.

If there ever is a problem with your equipment, we will have another one as a backup. Not only can our operators become you, operators, they can also train your crew to operate the machinery if you so desire. The operators can help you load and unload the equipment off of the delivery trainer.

You will also have the personal number of our certified operators. That way, if anything goes wrong or you have a question, you can get ahold of the right person.

Types of Lifts

Our booms can help with several different jobs. Painters, window washers, and construction works have all benefited from our services. We have rented our equipment to clients such as the University of Houston, Hilton, and Texas A&M.

These companies, and more like them, have been able to complete tasks that are otherwise difficult to do with only a ladder. Our aerial lifts provide safety and mobility. Depending on the height you need, and the terrain you’re working on, knowing what kind of life you need is essential.

Each lift provides unique abilities. For instance, if you are on rocky and uneven terrain, you want something that will stabilize you. It is safer for all involved. Using a tall ladder can create greater risks.

Scaffolding does not move as easily and provides its own set of risks. Moving from one end of a warehouse to the other no longer needs to involve carrying a clunky ladder or step stool anymore. With our lifts, you don’t even have to dismount. Just ride your way across the floor with our scissor lifts.

Cypress TX Aerial Lift Rental

Scissor lifts are safer alternatives to slow, clunky ladders.

Atrium/Spider Lifts

Our atrium, or commonly known, spider lifts are great for both indoor and outdoor jobs. They provide amazing height and easy mobility. The reason we refer to them as “spider” lifts is because of their unique design. These lifts have legs that literally look like a spider.

This is what gives this machinery its unique ability to stabilize workers on uneven surfaces. They also have drive tracks that allow for easy movement around tight spaces. The jib can move effortlessly around trees and powerlines.

These spider lifts can compress to fit through a doorway thirty-two inches wide and eighty inches tall. Most atrium lifts only fit through a space 40 inches wide. These lifts come in varying sizes depending on how high you need to go. Check out what we have!

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are a great piece of equipment for giving you that extra bit of lift that a ladder can’t reach. It also gives you the ability to not sacrifice a hand for climbing up the ladder. This means you can bring all the tools you need to finish a job on time.

Our scissor lifts are narrow so that they can fit through narrow spaces. Your mobility will increase as well. Ladders are clunky. Carrying a ladder from one end of a shop to the other risks things and people getting knocked over and causing injury or a mess.

Moving a ladder, just a few inches can be infuriating sometimes. You have to climb down, move the ladder to where you think it needs to be, and climb back up. You waste time, money and risk falling having to climb up and down. With a scissor lift, you press a button, and boom, you’re there.

This is seconds versus minutes when operating a scissor lift. Scissor lifts are great for indoor and outdoor on even and flat surfaces. If you need a scissor lift, take a look at the options we have!

  • 19 Feet
  • 26 Feet
  • 32 Feet

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Stop wasting time and energy trying to find workarounds for height issues. Don’t risk your safety or your employees’ safety using rickety old ladders that will end up slowing you down. Xpress Lift Rentals give you the height solutions for many kinds of jobs, both indoor and outdoor.

Do you have a skylight in your church? Our spider lifts can help you reach those difficult places. Painting the side of a building is much easier now, with our scissor lifts. Give us a call today when you need Cypress TX Aerial Lift Rental.

Cypress TX Aerial Lift Rental

Lifts will always be tested and charged upon arrival.

Fun Facts for Cypress, TX

  • Many streets and schools are named after the original settlers
  • The first Cypress school was created in 1884
  • Tin Hall was created around the late 1800s

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